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Sunday School October 28th 2018

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    As an American living in the Southern US, I am way more aware of the simplistic views held by so many.

    That’s the point. You can single out whatever issue you like, but there will always be an issue which political opponents can target and treat as a so-called ‘wedge-issue’. It has nothing to do with gender identity rights per se. Remove any mention of transgender rights from the campaign and a new issue will replace it. Environmentalism itself has been a ‘wedge issue’ in the past, and even acts as one in the present. The problem is not particular to these issues, but rather the simplistic and populistic/ propagandistic approach to politics.

    Gender identity issues had minimal practical impact on 99% (not a real figure) of the population, yet had substantial, life-altering impact on much of the remainder. There isn’t a rational basis for people voting against their own interest for the sake of an issue which scarcely affects them. Anyone who wants to appeal to people’s irrationality will always have fuel for that fire.

    Instead of pointing to gender identity minorities faulting them for expecting too have rights, why not point to those who are dragging their heels on this issue by lashing out against transgender rights?

    Oh, just look up the voting record by age last few years..nothing anecdotal about it.

    Your point was about millennials. At first it was about them advocating for the wrong issues. Now it’s about voter turnout. If you look at the data over time, you’ll see it’s not a millennial issue. Younger voter turnout is historically always low if I’m not mistaken. The data set I saw went back to the 80s when late Boomers and early Xers were in the young block. It was at similar levels for 2008 – 2016 when Millennials and early Gen Z (in the last election) were in the youngest block. It’s not a new or generational issue.

    In one human lifetime the earth will not be so kind to us.

    You keep harping on this. I’ve been an environmentalist and voted with environmentalism as a priority issue in every election since I could first vote. Transgender rights are NOT IN COMPETITION WITH ENVIRONMENTALISM. But to reiterate, environmentalism — in particular climate change — has often been treated as an issue used to dismiss the left, as if it were a fanciful, elitist liberal concern which could only be addressed by hurting working-class jobs.

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