• Yeah, there’s no connection, and, the parties that every rational person would like to see drop their prejudices, never seem to equate their bigotry, with, well, bigotry in the first place….and, therefore, never seem to equate the way they treated blacks or other minorities (“If we let blacks and whites marry, what’s next, people and monkeys…[Read more]

  • The OP seems to say we are all evolved from the same sources, but some of us are predators, and some prey…but, also that the weaker sometimes ate the stronger….which is not supported as a premise, when you consider the involved scenarios.

    Is a pack of hyenas “weaker” than a lion?

    They tend to win in a fight at least, so, it would seem the…[Read more]

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    @What is God


    God is the answer to what happens to where my lap goes when I stand up.

    He is a mistake made by primates to help explain what they could not understand.

    We are the force that created gods, a mistake.  Correction of that mistake eventually lead to understanding evolution, relativity, and the math involved in bill calculations at…[Read more]

  • @ Cruelty is always wrong

    Cruelty may involve justice, say, a man tortures and kills your son, and, the sentence is you get to get even.

    IS it “wrong” to inflict pain upon the torturer in retribution?

    IS punishment for a crime always wrong, as the party being “punished” is suffering (If you do it right at least, etc)?


    I like to distinguish…[Read more]

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    Rarely have I had a visit BECAUSE of my atheism, TO convert me, per se, albeit, random visits by missionaries, fishers of men, etc, do occur.

    Most purposeful conversations about religion in this context seem to involve someone finding out, casually, that I do not believe what they believe…and, their disbelief in my disbelief.

    They then tend to…[Read more]

  • The affordable care act only changes the health care available to those who normally would not be able to afford it.  Those who were always able to afford it are not going to get much change in their level of care.


    Its mostly about shifting the benefit to the insurance industries, towards the patients.



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    @ Simon

    The premise though, that you postulate, implies that a religious god DOES provide morality.

    This is simply not the case.

    When HUMANS wrote down what they believed to be morals (How bad can you beat a slave before you are being unfair, etc), they simply ascribed what THEY felt to be moral, at the time they wrote it, to what god…[Read more]

  • TJ replied to the topic Burn Baby Burn in the forum Theism 2 years, 2 months ago

    I consider morality to simply being as fair as you can.

    As for “an atheist morality”, that would be akin to a “stamp collector, or, a not a stamp collector’s”, morality, etc…in that there is no moral code required to not believe in gods.

    That said, if you simply look at prison statistics, say, in the US for example, theists are over…[Read more]

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    Is there an option to make the threads readable, perhaps in some sort of chronological order or with replies to a post below the post they replied to?

    As its formatted now, the site discussions are too hard to follow, and even being able to have posts in simple oldest to youngest order/top-down, would help/be a massive improvement.

    I looked for…[Read more]

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    Current entropy minus prior entropy = amount of increased entropy


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    Mostly the increasing entropy of the universe.

    Enjoying the trip.


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